I’ll start by saying, I have never been a fan of Jennifer Hudson, yet she seems to be ‘everywhere’, so I cannot escape her.   Let me be clear, I am not writing this post to get a ‘Ki-Ki’ off the disastrous display of her lacefront, I really want to call this situation to the carpet.  Enough with the media kid gloves!  With a ‘gold’ record under her newly thinned belt, yet no certifiable hits, it’s hard to not suggest her reminiscing via the album title, I Remember Me, could indeed be a farewell to a shot at commercial/artistic relevance.  Even by my own ears, she has NEVER produced a bonified HIT according to the gospel of Why1980, forget the Billboards.  She went gold in April 2011 after releasing, I Remember Me, yet her previous album topped that, as well as spawned commercial billboard hits.  What’s that you say?  I am contradicting myself?  Not at all, you see I already stated my ears have never heard a hit on any of her albums, and her voice is more suitable for big musical numbers like “And I Am Telling You”, originally sang by Jennifer Holiday in the broadway production of Dreamgirs. I am not interested in typing the hits she did have on her first album because they weren’t hits to me.  What I can tell you is that she received way more endorsements, advertisement and exposure with this current project than she did her last, yet the sales and rankings are in reverse.  Yes we know she has lost pounds of weight, but did she lose her mind as well?  Outside of having to endure the torture of her lacefront, I want to finally proclaim the truth!  That her career has been more bark than bite, and indeed the only reason she got an Oscar was because she screamed louder than ‘You Know Who’ in Dreamgirls.  Indeed Hollyweird felt pity for her due to recent personal tragedy(which is classless to discuss, so I would never do so), which protects her from the Dirt-Dust-Mud dragging the media usually languishes on lesser deserving candidates.  I just can’t with her vapid, verbose, vacant interviews that have NOTHING to do with her new album.  STICK to the music Ms. HUDSON!  If you wanted to stuff your ass like a butterball turkey, that’s your business, get back to the MUSIC!  The only thing she has to talk about is the wonders of her stomach staple surgery, masked as a Weight Watchers campaign.  If she keeps this up, her days are already numbered.  Good riddance!  I see an accident, more than a true star.  You can’t continue to ride on sympathy votes, pity parties and shrinking pony shows to push your product.  Cuz ‘She Who Shall Not Be Named’  in this post is back from her mini break, and Lord help the talentless R&B startlets who get in the way of her powerful hooves!  I don’t care whether Jennifer is skinny or fat, it’s the fact that she insists on picking and chosing which elephant in the room to address, and shoving it down the public’s throat ala ‘Alicia Keys style’ is what I can’t take .