Would a father betray his firstborn child?

Do you hear that?  That’s not thunder and lightening folks!  That’s the deafening silence the Beyoncé Knowles camp has in the wake of the most SCANDALOUS of scandals amongst the clan.  But before we get to it, let’s take a trip back down memory lane shall we for a drama recap over the last 13 years!

In 1998 Beyoncé and Lydell (her first love) break up; LeToya and LaTavia were kicked out of Destiny’s Child in 2000, as a result, they slapped their former band mates and manager with a lawsuit that they eventually dropped after a private settlement; Beginning in 1998-2000, Beyoncé indeed began to see Sean Carter, though they waited until she was ‘legal’ to do music together; In 2002, Kelly Rowland releases the first solo project (outside Solange) that receives little to NO promotion despite winning a Grammy for her commercially successful  Nelly&Kelly hit  “Dilemma” off of HIS album Nellyville. 

Kelly’s album Simply Deep was just that…simple, and much to my chagrin and painful aggrevation, she refused to speak up for herself and continued to drink the Knowles Kool-Aid; Also in 2002, Michelle Williams released her first solo gospel album From My Heart to Yours.  Indeed it was successful in the gospel realm, but that didn’t count in the grand scheme of things because she was not commercially successful, nor did she top the Billboard 200 charts.  We all know this wasn’t what she really wanted  because later on she released a pop/dance album, (Unexpected in 2008);

In 2003 Beyoncé overshadows Kelly and Michelle,(with the help of Papa Knows-Best and Jay-Z) releasing her debut album Dangerously In Love.  Mind you, her Austin Powers: Gold Member tinged single “Work It Out” was indeed a commercial flop, but that got swept underneath the rug because she was the commercial cash cow.  We won’t get into the magnitude of this album or its commerical success, but I will say that 8 years later, she’s still the head chick in charge in the R&B/Pop world as a solo artist;  In 2004, Solange got a knee jerk engagement, marriage, and divorce from a some dude to sanctify her pre-marital/teenage rendezvous; Michelle releases another holy roller album in 2004 with little to no support from MK and Kelly releases another album that gets NO support from Matthew Knowles in 2006 (let me remind you that KELLY publicly continues to kiss Beyoncé’s ass); 

Tina files for divorce in 2009, yet gets cold feet and Kelly fires Mathew: Michelle fires Mathew in 2010; Mathew Knowles confirms with a paternity test that he had a child outside of his marriage (he’s still married); Beyoncé continuously got accused of stealing material and ideas all throughout this period and lawsuits were filed left and right., In 2009 Kelly decides to grow a pair and release new Euro/Pop dance techno music, becoming a sensation over in Europe.  She performs a much herald lip-synced, but totally bland and uninspiring routine that rips Janet Jackson off at the Below Educated and Thoughtless (BET) awards in 2011; Beyonce fires Daddy Matty in 2011. 

NOW for the big one, in 2011 Mathew Knowles has been accused by Live Nation (a company that has Roc Nation, Jay Z’s company under its umbrella) of stealing Beyoncé’s money from her last tour.  Now I’ll just say this, I’ve typed a lot, and Mathew has INDEED screwed over many people, but a smart businessman ALWAYS protects his investments and Beyoncé is an investment.  Why suddenly, after making her one of the biggest stars on the planet, would he ‘steal‘ from her when he already was getting paid just by being her manager and making CUT THROAT deals and stealing in the name of his favorite baby girl?  Did Tina Knowles tell her to do it because she’s pissed about the side baby and side baby mama?  Does Jay-Z want to separate Beyonce’ from the one person who will fight tooth and nail to make sure she’s protected, all in an effort to  screw her over himself in the future?  Time will tell…..