Today is the big day, or should I say forgettable day, that  Kelly Rowland releases (U.S). Here I Am.  The irony of that title is scary to say the least, but I’ll just say this much and be done with it:

Nelly&Kelly was the opportunity Kelly allowed Matty Knowles to throw away!

I am numb from feeling hurt and disappointed in Kelly. I used to go so hard for her, but after her lip-synced ‘urban and simple-minded’ performance, along with these cheap toilet paper tracks on her album, I have officially released her to the wolves to devour and relish. If you don’t care Kelly, then I don’t care as a fan. Tell your girl Brandy to step lightly as well, because her procrastination has her on a ticking time bomb as well! I won’t turn my back on Brandy, for she has given me music for my life, but she’s gonna get a thrashing if she doesn’t give us music and GOOD music. But back to Kelly, you never have given me good music as a solo artist, just a few tracks, but they were never released. You spent most of your career kissing Beyonce’s ASS and now you wanna hop on two feet? And when you do, you just act like a regular, faceless R&B/euro pop artist that comes and goes? I can’t Kelly, I just can’t. As Trent said, your EuroDance music had more thought and feeling into it, it just didn’t catch over here. Now YOU want to degrade and demean yourself and possibly go on tour as a SUPPORTING act to Chris Brown? I’ll open the train door, you jump first Kelly!  Your full of horse$#!t Kelly Rowland.  You give Italy this (, but you give your homeland, this ( Everybody in the United States doesn’t like LiL Gremlin, smoke black’n’milds, and get free cheese on their EBT television awards cards!!!! This ‘urban’ crap you are pitching at the US is beyond trash and for you to think we here don’t believe in  and and relish in the extravegant, sensual and beautiful images music (like the song and video you sang with Tiziana Ferror-Breath Gentle) can convey is beyond me.   I like a little Janet with my hamburger, don’t get me wrong now!   And we ALL know she can go there, but if you are gonna give me Rope Burn, you better swing from the pole and have the performance to back it up, sexy, classy and sweetTreyanna Songz is NONE of the above! Don’t get me started on Kelly’s last albums, I would have stood behind them if her head wasn’t far up Beyonce’s butthole!   She had momentum after the Nelly and Kelly Dilemma smash, but Matty Knowles put the breaks on that.  THAT is WHEN KELLY SHOULD HAVE HIGH TAILED IT OUT OF MUSIC WORLD! NINE YEARS AGO!!!!