Fire editor and classless, Mitzi Miller, for her tasteless and ignorant Facebook statement about Fantasia. Ms. Miller is a public figure and what she says (whether she likes it or not) holds much weight in our community. With it being Black History Month, she is once again showing how this current generation is one full of selfish people who feed on tearing each other down, instead of lifting each other up as a group. Our generation proudly defiles one another for the world to see and then we applaud one another for showing such disrespect. I can’t even defend us anymore. This generation has really lost all respect for themselves as a people, and it’s a slap in the face to those who’ve come before us . There was a time when Ms. Miller could only DREAM of being an editor in chief of a published magazine because black WOMEN weren’t hired for such positions. Ms. Miller’s ignorance enrages me because it undermines all the work black women of the past and present have done to stand tall in the face of adversity. It takes the light off of the women who are representing us well. Ms. Miller reinforces the stereotype that black women are hateful toward one another, and lack respect. She also reinforces the stereotype that black women don’t really want to work; we’d rather just be someone’s wife and stay at home all day. She reinforces the stereotype that black women only find their worth in a man’s acceptance or approval. It’s okay if one desires to be a housewife, but she needs to step aside and make room for a woman who wants to be an editor-in-chief. Ms. Miller can go buy a ticket to the nearest NBA game and sit front row as if she’s on the home shopping network looking for Prince LeBron James Charming. With First Lady Michelle Obama in the office, that is proof that black women can have both a high powered career and a loving family. If Oprah cannot inspire Ms. Miller, nobody can! Black women have headed careers and families before the First Lady, but the spotlight was never as bright. Our hard work and perseverance gets pushed aside for reality shows, video hoes, violence and all the other negative images we feed the world of ourselves. Reckless abandonment. Having a career is not a punishment. But since Ms. Miller would like some days off, give her a permanent vacation. She sickens me, and reminds me why I black women have such a hard time loving one another. Why our guard is up, why we are so suspicious of one another. Black women have made it acceptable to disrespect and dishonor one another. Ironically, this post relates to Fantasia, as she herself plays a role in feeding the world images of black women that reinforce stereotypes. That’s another topic, and I’m not here to defend or convict Fantasia. Nobody can cut you down like your own sister. It hurts worst of all when it comes from inside our community. I expect others to show ignorance towards us, but we must show respect to one another. Black women gleefully throw each other under the bus, as if it is a sacrificial acceptance ritual. Ms. Miller should keep her personal opinions off-line. If she can’t do it, she needs to be fired! Her apology was fake and it only came out because she was busted. If this was Beyonce’ Knowles, she’d have NEVER said anything like this. I have my personal feelings about other people myself, but would I be so IGNORANT to post them online? You can critique, you can write an editorial in a tactful manner. If I hold a job in the music industry, would I negatively tweet hateful comments about another female artist? Oh, wait Keyshia Cole beat me to the punch! As did Ciara, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Keri Hilson and a slew of other current black artists that wear the “I hate other black women and I don’t mind disgracing them in front of the world” badge with pride! Ms. Miller exhibited the grace of a rabid animal, ready to bite into the nearest leg to infect them with her ignorance. Jet is already on a lifeline, so why push the publication into the obsolete with staff like Ms. Miller? The digital age is upon us, and Jet has to make moves to stay current and relevant, Ms. Miller is hurting your reputation.

Good Day!

Yolanda Langford