The three pointer assasin.

Though this is my first post to my blog, this ode is long overdue.  I started watching the NBA finals with family in 2009,  and inadvertenly was introduced to the Boston Celtics during the playoffs.  Quickly, I fell in step and became a fan of the highly organized and structurally superior team.  The team captain was recognized (Paul Pierce) and team veteran KG was tirelessly making sure that his team members had his support during each play and each altercation.  But the one man who stood out to me was, Ray Allen.  I didn’t know that Ray Allen was aka Jesus Shuttleworth, and I am glad I didn’t have a premeditated image of him from the movie.  Ray Allen executed his three-point assassinations with style and grace.  He never erupted in anger, or played foul during the pressure cooking moments of the playoffs.  His face was the ever-present canvass of calm, cool, and collected manhood.  I continued to tune into the playoffs in hopes of seeing the Boston Celtics, but mainly Ray Allen.  And here are my Top 5 reasons why Ray Allen is a quintessential role model:

1.  He was named to the NBA All-Star team 10 times in his career
2.  He is visibly dedicated to community service.  Using his Ray of Hope Foundation as a vehicle of service, he was awarded the NBA Cares Community Assists Award in 2010 for his tireless work in support of U.S. troops and local community programs.
3.  He is a part of the Boston Celtics trinity (KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen) *personal opinion and undeniable reality!
4. He was awarded the Auerbach awarded in 2009.
5.  He consistently handles himself in the public eye with class, style, grace, and masculinity; making him an excellent role model, not only as an African-American male, but as an international representative that exhibits values that are not uncommon, but hardly broadcast as frequently and visibly as it should be.  It’s unfortunate, but we all know that sensationalism and provocative behavior not only sales, but feeds simple minds!